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Tagline : “Find The Truth”

A team of investigative reporters work alongside a police detective to try to solve the murder of a congressman’s mistress.

This film is also knowned as the following titles:
Los secretos del poder
Directed by : Kevin Macdonald

Actor / Actress Character
Russell Crowe Cal McAffrey
Ben Affleck Stephen Collins
Rachel McAdams Della Frye
Helen Mirren Cameron Lynne
Robin Wright Anne Collins (as Robin Wright Penn)
Jason Bateman Dominic Foy
Jeff Daniels George Fergus
Michael Berresse Robert Bingham
Harry Lennix Detective Bell
Josh Mostel Pete
Michael Weston Hank
Barry Shabaka Henley Gene Stavitz
Viola Davis Dr. Judith Franklin
David Harbour PointCorp Insider
Sarah Lord Mandi

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